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Experience – Not Brand – Loyalty is the Next Big Thing in B2B

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The expectations of B2B buyers are evolving. Today, buyers are looking for the same ease and convenience Amazon delivers for B2C transactions. Satisfying such demand, however, isn’t as simple as developing an online presence.

Most businesses already complement their in-person experiences with digital capabilities. In fact, two out of three B2B companies offer omnichannel support across all transactions. It’s easy to see why. Multi-channel customers are 15 percent more profitable than those who shop exclusively online and 25 percent more profitable than customers who only shop in-store.

As more competitors aim to capitalize on this opportunity, it won’t be long until omni-channel offerings become common across the industry. Separate yourself from the pack and start to build loyalty among B2B buyers by developing an experience they can’t find anywhere else. From supporting alternative payment options to staying on top of customer needs, minimizing friction throughout the customer experience will keep them coming back for more.

Read the full article, written by Brandon Spear, on PaymentsJournal, here.

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