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Martha Salinas: Driving Growth and Innovation at TreviPay

Martha Salinas on a deep blue background with the Fintech Times logo and #TreviPayProud

Meet Martha Salinas: Spearheading Innovation and Growth at TreviPay

Martha Salinas, TreviPay CCO, says "I’ve grown my career with TreviPay and I’ve had incredible opportunities in my two decades here. Through innovative leadership and dedication to driving growth, I’m particularly proud of assembling and leading global teams whose tenacity and ingenuity that has led TreviPay’s expansion into the transportation and retail verticals, as well as the global expansion into Europe and Mexico. This has resulted in impressive revenue and EBITDA growth." in The Fintech Times

Martha Salinas, Chief Commercial Officer at TreviPay, shares insights into her two-decade career at the forefront of fintech. Explore how her innovative leadership and dedication have fueled TreviPay’s expansion into new markets, leading to remarkable revenue and EBITDA growth. Join us in celebrating Martha’s impactful contributions to the fintech industry and her role in shaping TreviPay’s success story.

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