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Payments Consulting Network Q&A with Piers Gorman

Piers Gorman, TreviPay APAC Managing Director in Payment Consulting Network for Q&A

Mangala Martinus, Managing Director at Payments Consulting Network, sat down with Piers Gorman, TreviPay Managing Director, APAC, to discuss the pressing needs of businesses in accelerating B2B invoice collections. Discover TreviPay’s research findings and its focus on improving the purchase experience and automating accounts receivables.

Piers Gorman shares TreviPay’s commitment to offering unparalleled choice and convenience, empowering merchants with white-labeled B2B trade credit solutions tailored for diverse industry verticals such as retail, industrial/manufacturing, transportation and corporate travel.

Explore TreviPay’s key strengths in fostering loyalty, mitigating risks and embracing global coverage with cutting-edge technology.

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