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The Power of Mentorship: Insights from Martha Salinas

Martha Salinas in The Fintech Times

The Fintech Times spotlights some of the most influential women in fintech, their monumental achievements and the significance of mentorship in closing the gender gap within the fintech sector. While progress has been made, the path to genuine representation and equality is still fraught with challenges.

“To create a truly equal opportunity environment, we must be aware of the dynamics and be intentional to change them. It starts by being aware of the unintentional dynamics that create the imbalance.”

Martha Salinas

TreviPay Chief Commercial Officer


Among these influential women, Martha Salinas, Chief Commercial Officer at TreviPay, speaks out about the critical role of mentorship in fostering talent. In a field where men dominate 81% of executive roles and 89% of board positions (according to Fintech Diversity Radar), Martha emphasizes that intentionality is the key to rebalancing the scales. She argues that it’s vital for women to share knowledge and mentorship to create an environment of equal opportunity. By acknowledging and changing the unintentional dynamics that perpetuate the imbalance, Martha and others like her are forging a path towards a more inclusive and equitable fintech future.

Discover the inspiring stories and wisdom from these incredible women as they navigate the intricate world of fintech, striving to bridge the gender gap and champion true equality.

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