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TreviPay in Fintech Nexus

Brandon Spear - Fintech Nexus

TreviPay takes the spotlight in a recent feature by Fintech Nexus where, TreviPay CEO, Brandon Spear, discusses emerging trends in the industry. The article covers TreviPay’s B2B Buyers Payments Preference Study, released in late 2023, which unveils the challenges faced by B2B buyers and emphasizes the need for advanced payment solutions.

The study, highlighted by Fintech Nexus, showcases buyer frustrations, such as slow onboarding and inefficient processes. It underscores key preferences, including the popularity of trade credit (preferred by 61% of buyers) and the critical importance of ERP integration (considered crucial by 80%).

In the article, Brandon Spear stresses the significance of providing a seamless B2B experience. He notes that businesses moving from brand loyalty to experience loyalty can achieve increased customer retention by offering tailored solutions like trade credit, flexible payment terms, and ERP integration.

The feature also touches on the broader context of accelerated digitization in B2B due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising concern of business identity theft in the digital marketplace.

In conjunction with this spotlight feature, TreviPay has unveiled Universal Acceptance, a cutting-edge solution expanding supplier access to its invoicing and payment technology. This latest offering, as highlighted by Fintech Nexus, allows suppliers accepting Mastercard to provide net terms, trade credit financing, and SKU-level invoicing to business buyers, demonstrating TreviPay’s commitment to addressing evolving needs in B2B payments.

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