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TreviPay Releases BigCommerce Plug-In

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TreviPay is now available at checkout for all business to business BigCommerce customers.

TreviPay, a global B2B payment and credit solutions provider, announced the release of an extension for BigCommerce, a leading open SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands. The new extension is an alternative payment solution TreviPay that integrates with BigCommerce and enables merchants to automate the extension of terms and invoicing for their business customers.

Through the extension, sellers can add the TreviPay payment option at checkout. This allows B2B buyers to purchase, via an invoice. With TreviPay, buyers seeking to purchase on credit can apply and receive approval within less than 30 seconds, then complete the transaction in a single session. The multi-currency platform, which can transact globally, offers automated net terms of up to $250,000. In addition to preserving working capital while extending risk-free credit to buyers online, the plug-in relieves sellers of the time-consuming back-end A/R processes like billing, collections and customer service.

“We’re proud to provide BigCommerce with a payment instrument that supports the complexity of B2B purchases and rising B2B buyer expectations,” said Brandon Spear, President at TreviPay. “TreviPay further simplifies the purchasing process by providing B2B-specific checkout APIs, incorporating purchase orders and invoice notes. This cohesive customer experience is why many enterprises are taking advantage of the plug-in on BigCommerce’s platform.”

The announcement is the latest exemplification of the ecommerce industry’s push for alternative payment options to improve the buyer experience. According to TreviPay’ B2B Buyers Report, about half of all B2B buyers (48%) have not completed a purchase for their company because their preferred payment method wasn’t an option. To increase cart conversions, it’s more critical than ever that sellers provide diverse payment options to create a seamless purchasing experience and strengthen the buyer to seller relationship.

About TreviPay

TreviPay is a global leader in B2B payment and credit solutions, facilitating $6 billion in transactions per year in 17 currencies for customers in more than 190 countries. Our cutting-edge TreviPay® (TreviPay) solution is setting the stage for the future of omni-channel B2B payments. The company specializes in payment and credit management for B2B companies across transportation, manufacturing and distribution, retail, eCommerce, and marketplaces. TreviPay’ TreviPay solution is a suite of applications and services that facilitates B2B payments by extending terms, handling invoicing and managing collections.

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