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TreviPay’s 2024 IT Strategy: Dan Zimmerman in CIO

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TreviPay Chief Product and Information Officer, Dan Zimmerman, is featured in CIO, discussing the 2024 IT landscape. Zimmerman not only discusses the current recruiting trends but also touches on fostering a positive work culture. Recognizing the impact of varied work arrangements, including remote, hybrid and in-office setups, Zimmerman underscores the importance of effective leadership and communication technologies. The goal is to maintain a cohesive work culture that enhances job satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Dan Zimmerman Chief Product and Information officer at TreviPay quoted in CIO

As the IT industry grapples with uncertainties, adaptability is key. TreviPay navigates delayed decision-making and cautious attitudes by remaining flexible, listening to feedback and strategically integrating teams with diverse work arrangements.

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