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eBook: Improving the B2B Customer Experience with the 5th P of Marketing

5th P of Marketing Featured Image

The 4 Ps of marketing—product, price, place and promotion—became a staple of business planning in 1960 and have remained relevant since, but the landscape has changed and there are so many ways to interact with brands online. As a result of the digital explosion during the pandemic, people have leveled up their buying expectations. That’s why every B2B business should be prioritizing the 5th P of marketing—payments.

Payments has proven to be an essential part of the marketing mix in 2022. Today’s buyers expect to transact seamlessly on their terms, with their preferred payment methods. By implementing an end-to-end payments strategy, businesses can see measurable results, including stronger conversion rates, higher AOV, increased customer LTV and deeper loyalty.

This new eBook, Improving the B2B Customer Experience with the 5th P of Marketing, outlines how businesses can achieve a successful payments strategy and overcome common hurdles along the way.

Within the eBook, you will discover insights on:

  • Check Everything that B2B companies can learn from the B2C payments experience
  • Check Modernizing checkout methods to offer options that B2B buyers want
  • Check Saving money and growing customer loyalty with A/R automation
  • Check Growing sales without fear of fraud
  • Check Building or joining an existing global network of buyers and sellers to optimize trade and loyalty

A 5th P strategy is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-do for every B2B business.