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Risk and Resilience: A Business Fraud and ID Theft Report

Risk and Compliance Report Cover

Nearly all business has experienced revenue loss contributed to fraud. TreviPay collaborated with PYMNTS to examine how fraud inhibits B2B business growth and how businesses are searching for innovative ways to protect themselves from revenue loss.The research is clear. Most businesses are impacted by fraud and are not satisfied with current anti-fraud methods. B2B businesses are searching for better fraud prevention solutions. Fraud defense happens by attempting to improve existing tools or partnering with a powerful third-party solution provider for the best in fraud prevention.

Download “Risk and Resilience: A Business Fraud and ID Theft Report” to learn: 

  • How fraud is hindering B2B business development 
  • The shift toward automated digital identify verification  
  • Fraud’s impact on customer experiences and business operations 
  • How to address fraud 

Download the Report