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Playbook: Reframing Anti-Fraud Strategies

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Developing a Proactive Approach to Fraud Risk Management

To accommodate consumers’  most recent preferences, retailers, marketplaces, and brands have revamped their eCommerce strategies, transforming smartphones into command centers for personalized shopping experiences and changing the way consumers and B2B enterprises view online activity. Along with this increase in digitization and connectivity have come new risks — and an increase in fraudulent activity. Just as new smartphone capabilities spur commercial growth, fraud causes the ecosystem to contract. 

Reframing Anti-Fraud Strategy: Developing A Proactive Approach To Fraud Risk Management, a PYMNTS and TreviPay collaboration, reveals the impact of fraud on B2B business growth and how businesses are attempting to balance their desire to expand with security challenges.  

This collaborative report examines how businesses can leverage new technology to modernize their anti-fraud strategies, and is packed with valuable and actionable data. Don’t be caught off guard, learn how successful companies play offense for their business identity theft protection.  

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