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Retailer’s Guide to Capture Market Share with a B2B Payments Strategy

The reatilers guide to capturing market share with a B2B payments strategy

A world of opportunities awaits retailers to grow their B2B sales, with the B2B eCommerce market on track to become three times larger than B2C by 2028! However, retailers can’t capitalize on that growth without optimizing their B2B payments strategy, and that starts by understanding what business buyers expect from their transactions.

TreviPay’s New B2B Buyers Research

We surveyed global business buyers to answer all your B2B payments questions, from what business buyers want to where many merchants fall short to how retailers can provide the perfected payments experience. 

What Buyers Really Think About Their B2B Transactions

This research revealed a concerning trend: many B2B buyers are frustrated by slow and inefficient payment processes. The good news is when merchants address buyers’ pain points through a comprehensive payments and invoicing strategy, they can enhance loyalty and fuel B2B business growth.

Retailers Must Provide Payment Options:

Retailers Must Provide Payment Options
What B2B Retail Leaders Need to Know: 

Download “The Retailer’s Guide: Mastering Payments to Capture B2B Buyers” to find out:

  • Check The top 3 B2B buyer pain points that can hurt a merchant’s bottom line.
  • Check What today’s B2B retail buyers want. Hint: Offering credit cards alone isn’t enough. Dig into the latest data on trade credit, net terms and ERP integrations to understand what buyers expect.
  • Check The secret formula to perfecting B2B retail payments.
  • Check Four significant ways retailers benefit from a modern B2B payments strategy.

Get ready to unlock growth, improve efficiencies and stand out from the competition by providing the ideal retail payments experience for B2B buyers.