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B2buy: Amplifying Procurement Efficiency With Payment & A/R Automation

b2buy marketplace use case

Aiming to save businesses time, effort and money, b2buy turned to TreviPay to offer trade credit to corporate buyers. Being able to outsource responsibility for many complex and resource-intensive tasks, including risk assessment, underwriting, compliance and collections, b2buy gained the ability to focus resources on their vital business development activities. 

Adding TreviPay provided the b2buy platform the following benefits: 

  • Create competitive advantage with improved payment flexibility 
  • Easy integration into the B2Buy platform with API first technology 
  • Ability to offer large credit lines ($1M+)  
  • Flexible integrations 

Meeting complex needs including reconciling hundreds of thousands of purchases each month against invoices, b2buy realized immediate value from TreviPay’s net terms solution. 


Learn how b2buy saw immediate value from TreviPay’s net terms solution