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Make Late Payments a Thing of the Past

Remove risk by fully digitising your B2B payments process.

Improve Your B2B Customer Experience Today!

3 ways electronics manufacturers and retailers can attract B2B buyers:

Target B2B buyers directly

Reduce revenue and margin loss by removing the need to rely on a distributor. Take control and target B2B buyers directly.

Offer a line of credit and payment on terms without risk

Increase revenue by providing B2B buyers with a line of credit to pay for high-value electronic goods.

Eliminate late payments and reduce fraudulent orders

Remove risk by fully digitizing the B2B payments process placing risk assessment, underwriting and collections with one trusted provider.

Industry Insights

Lessons Major Electronics Retailers Can Learn from the Big Banks

Lessons Major Electronics Retailers Can Learn from the Big Banks

For established electronics retailers, the process of digital transformation can be tough. Legacy technology, policies and processes – as well as internal culture – may all need to be updated.

So, what can the major electronics retailers learn from the banks as they modernise their business models and technology?

How Lenovo Increased AOV by 114% on Their B2B Stores

To scale their international B2B sales, Lenovo wanted flexible and convenient payment options for their business buyers at checkout, including the ability for buyers to pay by purchase order with flexible net term options.

Lenovo launched TreviPay for its LenovoPRO B2B stores, offering buyers a flexible and seamless online checkout experience.

Get paid on time, every time.

Retailers supplying electronics to B2B buyers are often faced with the challenge of chasing late payments, tackling fraud and losing revenue due to the need for a distributor.

Taking care of your risk assessment, underwriting, billing and management of your customers’ payments can solve these issues.

Encourage additional spending from your B2B customers by offering a line of credit and payment on terms.

Join the major retailers that trust TreviPay to help grow their B2B revenue.

Improve Your B2B Customer Experience Today!

Every B2B business should be prioritising the 5th P of marketing—payments.

As a result of the digital explosion during the pandemic, people have levelled up their buying expectations.

The 4 Ps of marketing—product, price, place and promotion—became a staple of business planning in 1960 and have remained relevant since, but the landscape has changed and there are so many ways to interact with brands online.

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