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Beyond the Transaction: Episode 2

Episode 2: Unveiling B2B Buyer Insights with Stephanie Friedman

Join Allen Bonde, TreviPay’s Chief Marketing Officer, in conversation on this installment of Beyond The Transaction as Allen digs into the nuances of buyer behaviors, preferences and pain points with Stephanie Friedman, VP of Account Management at Murphy Research.

Key Highlights:

  • Check A Look into Custom Research

Stephanie provides an exclusive insight into the workings of Murphy Research, a boutique agency with a global focus, unraveling its tailored approach to diverse industries and its three pillars of success: Creative Design, Rigorous Execution and Actionable Insights.

  • Check Exploration of B2B Buyer Study

Gain a deeper understanding of the study’s objectives and methodologies. Learn how this comprehensive research aims to explore the behaviors, attitudes and decision-making criteria of senior-level decision-makers across various industries in the US and the UK.

  • Check Unearthing Opportunities Amidst Friction Points

Dive into the revelations of the study that highlight the pervasive presence of friction in the B2B payment experience. Stephanie shares insights into the buyer’s need for seamless transactions and the pivotal role of trade credit in fostering loyalty.

  • Check Integration Challenges and the ERP Conundrum

Explore the unexpected findings that underscore the challenges faced in integrating payment solutions into existing ERP systems. Discover why streamlined integration is emerging as a critical factor in transforming the buyer-provider relationship.

Dive Into The Data:

This podcast discusses data from TreviPay’s report: The Data Is In: B2B Buyers Expect a Better Payments Experience. In this comprehensive report, we take a deeper dive into many topics, including: 

  • Top 3 Barriers to New Buyer Onboarding 
  • The Business Consequences of Inefficient Payments 
  • B2B Buyers’ Most Important Seller Features 
  • Top 7 Drivers of B2B Buyer Loyalty 
  • The Perfected B2B Payments Experience 

More Behind The Transaction:

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