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Reviving Corporate Travel: Optimized Payments in Australia

Australian hotel reception with man checking in and hotel worker behind the desk using TreviPay technology to streamline business travelers' checkout process overlayed with the TreviPay droplets

In the wake of the pandemic, corporate travel is poised for a resurgence in Australia. Currently, it has rebounded to just 57% of pre-pandemic levels, highlighting a unique opportunity for growth within the hospitality industry. One key to reigniting corporate travel lies in simplifying payments.

The Changing Landscape of Business Travel 

While global business travel spending has surged by 33.8%, that growth is primarily driven by inflation, not actual travel. In fact, business travel revenue has seen a 0.4% dip over the past five years. Despite Australia’s historical appeal to business and leisure travelers, it has yet to fully recapture its pre-pandemic allure.

Business Travel Statistic Infographic Image

Strategies for Success

  • Check Direct Billing: Simplify payments by offering direct billing options to corporate clients.
  • Check Expand Hotel Contracts: Diversify your hotel contracts to cater to a broader range of corporate clients. 
  • Check Build a Trusted Brand Network: Foster partnerships with renowned industry brands.

Leveraging an Automated Payments Network 

These three strategies will allow you to fully leverage an automated payments network, such as TreviPay, offering the following advantages:  


Automated payment networks simplify the payment process, saving time and boosting efficiency for both businesses and hotels. 


Real-time access to payment data and reports offers transparency and control over expenses. 

Financial Management

Enhanced financial management tools, including expense tracking and reporting, empower businesses to make informed decisions and manage budgets effectively. 

Growth Potential

Embracing automated payment networks allows businesses to expand their corporate customer base and drive revenue growth.

As corporate travel regains momentum, Australian businesses must adapt. TreviPay is your partner in this journey, offering the tools and solutions to enhance the payment experience to help rekindle Australia’s corporate travel market.

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How Choice Hotels Made Corporate Travel More Flexible with TreviPay

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