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Embedded Payments eBook: Build Better Payments Systems

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How to create your B2B embedded payments solution

As consumers, embedded payments have become part of how we transact business in our everyday lives. We step out of our Uber or Lyft and don’t give payment even a second of thought. But how do you translate the ease and convenience of B2C embedded payment systems for a B2B world?  

A B2B embedded payment strategy offers tremendous potential to revolutionize entire industries. But it requires expertise to deliver the B2C-like benefits to the B2B world.  

Download TreviPay’s groundbreaking eBook Embedded Payments: How to Build Faster, Smarter B2B Payments Systems to begin to build your embedded payments program. 

In this piece, you will discover insights on: 

  • Increased buying ease and convenience 
  • Satisfying B2B purchasing stakeholders’ distinct needs and expectations 
  • Building stickier customer relationships, higher shares of wallet and higher lifetime customer values 
  • Lower day sales outstanding (DSO) and improved cashflow management 
  • New revenue opportunities  

Download and Learn How to Build Better Payments Systems!