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Expanding Into B2B: 5 Tips For Success for Retailers

Retail has had a front-row seat to change in the past couple of years, embracing eCommerce and buy online, incorporating pick up in-store, ushering in a new era of touchless checkout technology, and disrupting the sales channel with direct-to-consumer brands. In 2023, retailers have the opportunity to expand into B2B markets, but one large hurdle to accomplishing this is enabling frictionless B2B payments. Our guide “Expanding Into B2B: 5 Tips for Success” gives historically retailers actionable tips to expanding into B2B markets including:

  • Check Reducing reliance on credit cards
  • Check Empowering customer loyalty
  • Check Making payments as simple as possible
  • Check Enabling Omnichannel Payments
  • Check Prioritizing Fraud Prevention

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