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Finding the B2B Business Buyers Hidden in Your B2C Checkout

Person in warehouse using TreviPay software to optimize purchase

The explosion of eCommerce means there are B2B sales opportunities hidden in B2C channels. You can often find B2B buyers using a corporate card at retailers that are primarily direct to consumer. The number of B2B buyers purchasing on what is traditionally a B2C channel may surprise you. Credit cards won’t cut it anymore for many B2B purchases so there is an immense opportunity recognize B2B buyers and help them buy more, more often.

TreviPay’s latest eBook, “The Hidden B2B Potential in Your B2C Checkout” addresses how to identify B2B buyer pain points and making a business case for an updated B2B payments strategy.

In addition, you will discover:

  • Check The unique requirements of B2B buyers and why payments must become invisible
  • Check The rise of alternative payment methods as a substitute to credit cards 
  • Check How to identify your B2B buyers in B2C sales strategies  
  • Check How to build the capability for B2B embedded payments and how to manage the costs and complexities, including the cumbersome process of building an A/R team 
  • Check Why instant decisioning and credit are key to B2B buyers and will help merchants attract buyers and build loyalty

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