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Check-in to an All-digital Hotel Experience – No Credit Cards Required 

Direct billing makes booking your property a slam dunk. From booking to expense claims, offer corporate clients a line of trade credit to pay for your hotel stays and expenses.

Capitalise On Corporate Travel with Direct Billing Today!

3 ways hotels can attract corporate clients:

Drastically reduce reconciliation time and effort for companies

Direct billing for corporate clients means hotels can issue one invoice for all travel.

Take the pressure off cashflow for hotels

Offer corporate clients a line of trade credit to pay for hotel stays and expenses.

Welcome back travellers

Eliminate the need for travellers to use personal credit cards and manually track expenses.

Industry Insights

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Find out How Direct Billing Works for You

Direct billing enables hotels to issue invoices so corporate customers can pay for hotel accommodations just as they would for any other business expense – by invoice on terms.

Direct billing leading innovation in hotel industry blog

How a National Hotel Network Made Corporate Travel More Flexible with TreviPay

A major hotel chain moved away from in-house travel resources by implementing the TreviPay solution for improved efficiency, profitability and loyalty.

Transform your payment experience for corporate travellers.

Stand out in the corporate travel market by offering clients a way to direct bill hotel stays for increased RevPAR and AOR.

Give corporate guests an all-digital experience – booking doesn’t require a corporate or personal credit card and at checkout there’s one invoice for all travellers. Eliminate the need to reconcile a stack of expense claims.

It’s a great reason to do more business with your hotel.

Capitalise Your Corporate Travel With Direct Billing Today!

As business travel continues to fluctuate, direct billing is the best way to win corporate accounts that can quickly increase revenue and AOR.

Download our white paper to learn more about capitalising on your corporate travel with direct billing.

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