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Infographic: Build Better B2B Payment Systems

preview of infographic about embedded payments

If your customers are like 9 out of 10, they’re researching payment methods before establishing a relationship with a new vendor. Buyers are constantly searching for more seamless payment methods to help streamline purchasing, which is why it is so important to continue growing your payment options as your business evolves.

Three-quarters of CEOs across all industries believe that their current business model will be unrecognizable in five years in blue and white text

When it comes to an embedded payment solution growing your payment options in-house can be quite the undertaking; between the opportunity cost of your team’s time and building new systems and integrations for an embedded payment solution. In order to keep your business on track, it would be more efficient for your team to partner with a network such as TreviPay’s.

Three reasons to use embedded payments for B2B payments on an infographic

With TreviPay’s payment solution you will be able to process instantaneous B2B embedded payments, white labeled as your own system. Additionally, with our solution, your B2B business will be able to offer trade credit through a seamless digital process that helps to filter out fraud while maintaining an excellent customer experience.

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Download TreviPay’s groundbreaking eBook Embedded Payments: How to Build Faster, Smarter B2B Payments Systems to begin to build your embedded payments program. 

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