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Leading with Technology: The TreviPay Tech Stack Brings Payment Innovation to B2B

As a fintech organization with more than four decades of experience, TreviPay combines technology expertise, product innovation and funding choices to support businesses of all sizes, across all sales channels.

Because the B2B payments flow tends to have multiple stakeholders and numerous layers of infrastructure, it’s a complex process. Fortunately, TreviPay has all the pieces in place to simplify this complex B2B buying journey.

Our platform capitalizes on technology that provides choice and convenience to buyers with world-class automation capabilities to cultivate loyalty and efficiency at all interactions — a true omnichannel solution.

Flexibility and Choice to Make Payments Frictionless

TreviPay’s suite of APIs enable merchants from small to enterprise to directly integrate invoicing into any ecommerce platform, point of sale environment or order management platform. TreviPay also offers a set of assembled integrations including BigCommerce, Adobe/Magento, NetSuite, Mirakl and Quickbooks.

TreviPay’s Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) portal digitizes and streamlines account management, payments, disputes and reporting with your branding to give your customers a familiar and consistent experience.

Making Working Capital Work for You (and your Buyers)

TreviPay’s configurable invoicing platform offers flexible funding sources so you can reduce reliance on credit cards and associated fees. TreviPay can provide you with choice in the form of financing a net terms program – use capital from TreviPay, self-finance or work with a third-party bank partner.

When it Comes to Risk Management the Best Defense is a Strong Offense

TreviPay’s risk management services, all managed digitally and at a large scale for enterprises, are a foundational element in supplying AML, KYC and underwriting tools to reduce bad debt risk and decrease the high operational costs of fighting fraud. 

Real-time screening and underwriting means customers get real-time credit decisions, for credit lines of $100,000 and under. For larger credit lines that require more screening or information, decisions happen in hours, not days.

TreviPay owns the application risk and runs all the necessary checks from multiple data sources to determine the person who wants to do business with you is, in fact, who they say they are so you can begin a profitable and long-lasting business relationship.

In addition, TreviPay’s B2B credit experts use automation and numerous data sources to proactively optimize credit lines to ensure your best buyers always have available credit so they can keep spending and grow their lifetime value (LTV) with our clients. 

TreviPay’s SaaS platform is also flexible allowing business sellers to support 30-, 60- or 90-day terms and configurable support tiers based on buyer needs and requirements.

Your Industry-Agnostic Solution to Streamline Business Payment Processes

Designed as an enterprise solution, invoices can be sent by PDF and email but can also be directly integrated into your buyer’s A/P system via XML, EDI or CXML for a no-touch invoice process.

Dispute management actions also occur in the online portal removing overhead costs. Unlike with a credit card requiring manual intervention when it comes to disputes, dispute management happens in the TreviPay portal which helps remove overhead costs. This is the same portal where buyers manage invoices, and when disputes happen, a message is triggered to the seller so it can be dealt with immediately, often avoiding the typical chargeback process. 

The TreviPay platform provides all of the services around Accounts Receivable (A/R), including making sure you get paid including a collections team that manages dunning activities and support so you can reduce costs and focus on growing your business.

Our cash application capabilities support complex buyer hierarchies, parent/child billing and all payment types in all the ways businesses expect to pay: ACH, wire, check, direct debit and credit cards.

For buyers who pay by invoice and PO, the expectation is to apply payment specifically to specific invoices or POs. All this is done automatically and efficiently to open the buyer’s credit lines and enable purchasing without a hitch or delay.

Meeting the Needs of Complex B2B Buying Relationships

Your customers put trust in your brand. When paying with TreviPay, your customers can be assured of a consistent brand experience with a white-labeled payment option creating a seamless customer experience across all channels.

Building this strong financial relationship with buyers starts with the availability of credit lines to make purchasing fast and simple. A dedicated line of credit can be used by multiple people in an organization making it much more accessible than using a corporate card for business purchases.

It can be complex and expensive to expand a net terms program into other countries. With cross-border transactions becoming more important for businesses across all corners of globe, TreviPay has the infrastructure in place to help you expand to other countries with little friction and effort. We offer compliance with local laws and regulations so transactions can begin quickly and cleanly.

In reference to national account programs or any business that has large buyers making purchases in multiple locations looking for preferred pricing across that entire network, TreviPay ensures these pricing structures and discounts, that can be as specific as down to the individual buyer, are applied across the entire network.

Similarly, cultivating loyalty with businesses who use rebates, via our APIs and processing platform, TreviPay can keep track of spend per buyer and instigate triggers when rebate levels are reached so the buyer quickly realizes the benefit of regular spending with your organization.

Orchestrating Great Commerce Experiences 

TreviPay is always working on expanding and growing payment and billing options to meet the needs of B2B buyers and sellers. The goal is a simple, highly functional transaction experience from purchase to payment.

Wherever your company is on the digital transformation road, TreviPay has a composable B2B payments solution to help accelerate your business goals.

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