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MSTS and Arcadier Partner for Online Marketplaces

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SINGAPOREOctober 2019 — Every online marketplace needs a progressive ecosystem of support services to function, and choosing the right providers can be crucial to the success of a marketplace business. Following the recent launch of Arcadier’s Developer PlatformPlug-In Marketplace, and Enterprise platforms, Arcadier continues to strengthen its marketplace infrastructure with more payment options with the signings of Affiliate Partnership agreements with fintech and payment solution providers Xendit, RDP, and TreviPay.

Arcadier’s Affiliate Partnership Program allows complementary service providers to work together with Arcadier to create an ecosystem in which Arcadier users can easily access resources, services, and expert knowledge to help grow and develop their marketplace.

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Arcadier Kenneth Low says, “Selecting the right payment partner is critical to the growth of every marketplace. We are delighted to have Xendit, Red Dot Payment, and TreviPay on board as our partners. Welcoming these new payment solutions providers to our Affiliate Partnership ecosystem will provide users the ability to experience significant ease on the payments front resulting in an overall seamless user experience“.

About Arcadier

Arcadier is the world’s fastest growing SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) marketplace builder and is the recognised global leader of multi-vendor marketplace technology. Founded in 2013 in Singapore by senior PayPal executives, Arcadier powers more than 8000 online marketplaces in more than 170 countries. Arcadier enables start-up entrepreneurs, businesses and communities alike to build their own white-labelled marketplaces easily. Arcadier’s platform supports various eCommerce and Sharing Economy marketplace ideas; from retail to professional services and rental of space marketplace types. Arcadier has also recently launched a trade exhibition marketplace product, Exzbit, specifically for the MICE industry.

About TreviPay 

TreviPay is a global leader in B2B payment and credit solutions, facilitating transactions for customers in more than 190 countries. TreviPay allows SMBs and enterprise organizations to extend terms to customers when they are completing a purchase online. TreviPay is setting the stage for the future of omni-channel B2B payments with a suite of applications to accelerate business commerce. TreviPay’s high-performance culture continues to be the catalyst for continued success in the ever-changing world of financial technology. 

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