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Leading Semiconductor Companies Selling Direct to EVs and other Manufacturers 

semiconductor with TreviPay blue droplets

Empowering Your Semiconductor Fab: Selling Direct for Control and Profit:

Semiconductor fabs want more control over their supply chains and increased profit margins. One way to achieve both is by selling directly to end users. This is easier said than done as most foundries lack the payment technology, expertise and staff to pull off this feat. Forward-thinking manufacturers have turned to TreviPay to facilitate this change in channel strategy, accelerating timelines and minimizing development costs.  

Unlocking the Direct Sales Advantage with TreviPay:

In our new eBook, Leading Semiconductor Companies Cozy Up to OEMs, you’ll learn how selling direct increases cash flow and powers global B2B commerce for foundries without increasing headcount.  

But it’s impossible to make the shift without considering your payments and invoicing processes.  

This eBook is your roadmap to future-proofing your payments strategy. Inside, you’ll uncover: 

  • The power of payments and invoicing in becoming a direct-to-end user company.   
  • Proven strategies to overcome the top 3 challenges of selling direct. 
  • A lucrative opportunity within the auto industry. 
  • A case study featuring a leading semiconductor fab’s transition to direct sales

Ready to transform your foundry? Download your copy today.

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