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Scaling the Summit: The Future of B2B Payments

In this session, featured speaker Jacob Morgan, Principal Analyst from Forrester shares how companies can get ready today for the future of B2B payments and the massive opportunities it presents from analysis of his latest research.

A fireside chat with Brandon Spear, CEO of TreviPay, and Adam Coyle, CEO of Digital River, will cover:

  • The unique requirements of B2B buyers
  • How to build the capability for B2B embedded payments and the costs and complexities that can arise 
  • Why instant decisioning and credit are key to B2B buyers and will help merchants attract buyers and build loyalty
  • How to get to 100% digital AR and onboarding
  • The rise of B2B ID theft and how to protect the organization
  • What a future-proof B2B payments strategy must look like and adapting to our cross-border world

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