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Making Magento work for your B2B Buyers

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Do you offer Net30 terms to your customers, even at online checkout? The new TreviPay Magento Extension allows Magento users to do just that – and more.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize B2B roadblocks in eCommerce
  • How to build a better buyer experience
  • How to get started with Net30 Terms on Magento

You will be able to provide B2B buyers with invoicing at checkout, personalized discounts and risk-free lines of credit. TreviPay allows B2B buyers to apply for credit and request Net30 terms for online purchases. Credit approvals take less than 30 seconds, so shoppers can apply for credit and make a purchase in the same visit.

Unlike in-house credit, which carries significant risk, TreviPay allows SMBs to outsource their B2B credit program. TreviPay guarantees payment in 48 hours and owns the receivable. In short, you receive the benefits of extending credit terms, without the burdens of debt collection.

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