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B2B Buyers Want Net30 Terms at Online Checkout

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Eager to acquire new customers and strengthen B2B buyer loyalty? Achieve all this and more by going beyond simply improving your product or service offerings. While upgrades may help pique buyer interest, they’re not the only way to pave the way for more purchases.

Now is the time to cater more closely to the payments needs and preferences of B2B buyers. After all, nine out of 10 B2B buyers research the payment method options a company offers before purchasing from a vendor. Perhaps even more importantly, 74% would make a purchase with a competitor if their vendor’s ecommerce store could not keep up with their purchasing expectations.

Enhance your B2B payments experience and scale your business by:

  • Recognizing where your customer experience is falling short
  • Catering to B2B buyer expectations
  • Introducing new payment options

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