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Empowering B2B Success: TreviPay Customer Stories 

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Let’s dive into the stories of the businesses that have harnessed the power of TreviPay to elevate their payments operations to create lasting relationships with their clients.

1. Lenovo: Enabling Flexible B2B Sales 

In the dynamic world of technology, global giant Lenovo sought to revolutionize its B2B sales strategy. By partnering with TreviPay, they achieved much more than they anticipated. The introduction of flexible payment options and seamless online checkout experiences proved to be game-changers. The result was a remarkable 114% surge in Average Order Value (AOV), showcasing the potency of offering convenience and choice to buyers. 

2. Fortune 500 Semiconductor Manufacturer: Direct Selling Reinvented 

When a Fortune 500 semiconductor powerhouse needed to start selling directly to end customers, they turned to TreviPay’s expansive global network. Incorporating dynamic pricing controls further enhanced their strategy, resulting in a remarkable 3.3x increase in order frequency. Additionally, profit margins soared by 30%, showcasing the impact of TreviPay’s innovative solutions.

3. Major Hotel Chain: Elevating Corporate Travel 

This hotel chain’s challenge was to streamline billing while providing a seamless and convenient experience. TreviPay’s direct billing solution emerged as the answer, enabling corporate clients to reserve stays and complete transactions without presenting a payment card. This transformation led to increased occupancy rates, as well as an amplified sense of brand loyalty among corporate travelers. 

4. Electronics Retailer: Scaling and Automating 

Imagine an electronics retailer with over a thousand physical locations, catering to diverse enterprises. Scaling its commercial program to meet the demands of its wide-ranging customer base was no small feat. TreviPay’s contribution proved invaluable, providing not only net terms but also the technology required to enable purchase controls and detailed SKU-level invoices. As a result, the retailer witnessed a staggering $215 million increase in volume and a fully automated underwriting process. 

5. uShip: Fueling Online Marketplace Growth 

uShip aimed to empower its platform users with net terms and dynamic pricing. Using TreviPay’s seamless checkout experience, uShip facilitated predictable cash flow and scalability, leading to an astonishing 450% increase in average month-over-month spending per account. The significance of providing payment on terms for substantial repeat purchases became strikingly evident. 

6. Automotive OEM: Driving Efficiency and Growth 

A $15 billion Fortune 500 automotive OEM faced multiple challenges, from dealing with a diverse network of dealers and distributors to navigating billing errors. TreviPay stepped in with its dynamic pricing controls, enabling the OEM to offer validated contract pricing on an SKU-level basis across various geographical locations. By integrating seamlessly with the client’s ERP system and managing collections, TreviPay significantly reduced administrative burdens while propelling program volume by a remarkable $500 million. 

Experience B2B Excellence with TreviPay 

Unlock the secret to unparalleled B2B success by: 

  • Offering flexible payment options that resonate with buyers 
  • Crafting seamless checkout experiences to eliminate friction 
  • Harnessing dynamic pricing controls for optimized sales strategies 
  • Implementing automated underwriting and fraud checks to ensure security 
  • Leveraging a global network and seamless API integrations for unmatched scalability 

From global tech leaders to automotive giants, each of these success stories underscores the power of innovation, collaboration and transformative thinking. Join these trailblazing businesses and your story could be featured in the next edition.

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