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ToolsToday: Boosting B2B eCommerce Sales With TreviPay’s Payment Program

ToolsToday Use Case

A leading consumer destination for industrial quality cutting tools, power tools, CNC machines and workshop supplies, ToolsToday was looking to build the B2B side of the business. It wanted to make it easy for companies to place large orders and make repeat purchases with the option for net terms.  

82% of B2B buyers would choose the vendor who offers invoicing at checkout with 30, 60 or 90-day terms over a vendor who doesn’t offer terms. The TreviPay choice was an easy one. TreviPay gave ToolsToday the ability to offer multiple payment methods, including net terms to encourage B2B buyers to become repeat customers. 

And in turn, ToolsToday customers realize increased purchasing speed wrapped in a great customer experience.  


Learn Why ToolsToday Chose TreviPay