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Drive Growth in the Semiconductor Industry 

Future Proof your Trade Credit 

Over the last few years, the semiconductor industry has faced challenges including increased demand and supply chain issues. With demand not slowing,  88% of the semiconductor industry anticipates expanding both their capital spending and workforce which will require an increase in working capital to fund these initiatives. 

Finding a payments program to help you go direct-to-consumer (D2C), reduce reliance on credit cards, manage unpredictable production situations, lower risk and increase working capital without adding headcount is key to successfully optimizing a payment strategy in the semiconductor sector. 

Turn to TreviPay to:

Sell Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) 

Achieve growth goals by offering net terms to business buyers purchasing directly from you for a true omnichannel experience.  

Reduce Fixed Trade Credit Costs  

No matter in what channel your order originates, digitally transform your payments by automating credit and A/R. Offering net terms to your buyers is now as easy as accepting a credit card and expertly meets the needs of your buyers.   

Increase Working Capital 

Immediately reinvest sales revenue with guaranteed payments on all invoices within hours.  

Conduct Business Across the Globe  

Expand your sales offering without risk or adding back-office headcount so you can conduct business in more than 40 countries including the EU and APAC.  

Automate high volume, routine trade credit by combining trade credit automation with guaranteed financing on all open invoices so you can increase profit margin with more frequent orders.  

Find out how a Fortune 500 semiconductor company expanded the global direct sales channel and managed an 800% increase in invoice volume.  

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