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How Can TreviPay Help Me as VP of Sales?

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Part 2 of our 3-part series about How TreviPay Can Help. (Part 1, Part 3)

Let your customers buy now and pay later. 

Is your team chasing invoices instead of making new sales? Have you found customers would buy more if they could pay on terms? Do you feel the pain of not being able to offer dynamic pricing? 

You can use TreviPay to extend your customers risk-free lines of credit in less than 30 seconds, provide alternative payment options and make custom pricing available. This single solution  can even be used at online checkout, thanks to instant onboarding. 

More and more B2B buyers are purchasing online and according to BigCommerce, B2B businesses need volume pricing, purchase approvals, purchase orders and quick order forms to meet their “ease of purchase” goals. On top of that, B2B buyer behavior is evolving and the percentage of corporate buyers who are familiar with fast and efficient B2C experiences is increasing. They want the same experience at work. 

Extend the frictionless buying experience from B2C and personalize it to meet their B2B needs. After a simple set up, you  can use TreviPay to increase conversion rates and establish loyalty to your business. 

Think your C-Suite will worry about how to manage the solution? Reassure them TreviPay  also provides  support. 

Let your team stop chasing invoices and dealing with disputes, so they can spend the majority of their time following up on leads. In the digital world, it’s not a question of if you need a better buyer experience, it’s a question of when to implement it. Don’t let limited resources or payment restrictions open a door for your competitors to steal market share. Protect your sales pipeline with TreviPay. 

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In the meantime, download our whitepaper to find out why choices at checkout matter.

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