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Money2020 Event

TreviPay is attending Money2020, you can find us at Booth # 4400

Money is changing; technology-fueled disruption is everywhere. The pace is accelerating as a bold new future unfolds.

Money2020 is back October 24-27, and TreviPay is headed to Las Vegas to attend. We’re bringing our entire team to share how TreviPay is driving payment innovation for B2B commerce. Whether it’s on a marketplace or an eCommerce platform, TreviPay makes digital B2B payments possible.

this past year alone we processed:

$6 billion in transactions in over 27 countries and 18 currencies.

The future promises a faster, smoother, more connected money ecosystem. Money20/20 promises the clearest and most distinctive lens on what’s next, and TreviPay is excited to be sponsoring!

Stop by Booth #4400 to talk the future of B2B payments

We created a payment process for our clients that takes digital transformation to the next level on everything from onboarding, underwriting, acquiring the transaction, receiving settlement, and producing an invoice that their customers can easily consume and pay. The whole process is simple, increases their customer’s loyalty and repurposes capital instead of tying it up. B2B commerce, simplified.

If you’d like to set up a time to chat while we’re at Money2020, set up a meeting here. Or, you can connect with our TreviPay team on LinkedIn: Michelle Faul, Jim Goge, Martha Salinas, Tony Alvarez

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