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AeroParts Revolutionizes the Aviation Marketplace

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Las Vegas, September 13, 2017— AeroParts Now (APN) and Multi Service Technology Solutions (TreviPay) have partnered to extend APN’s marketplace capabilities to include payments. APN is an online marketplace for the buying and selling of aviation parts, accessories and services. TreviPay provides an automated payments and settlement system for APN’s marketplace, allowing the entire purchasing process to be conducted online. A true procure to pay model.

“Operators, MRO providers and OEMs in business aviation have long been frustrated by the lack of automation and visibility in sourcing and parts procurement. We are impressed with APN’s leadership team, their strategy and vision to address the needs in the market,” Jim Goge, Senior Vice President of TreviPay said. “The partnership with APN is a natural complement to our suite of solutions in the aviation space.”

With its leading-edge payment technologies, market presence and outstanding business reputation, TreviPay is a welcome partner to establish APN’s robust new marketplace.

“TreviPay is a leader in business aviation payments; a logical partner for a state-of-the-art payment solution adaptable to both commercial and person to person transactions,” Owen Busch, CEO and Founder of APN said. “As such, the new payment gateway will enhance our end-to-end digital platform’s brand, as we transform the direction of the Business and General Aviation aircraft parts market.” 

TreviPay payments and settlement system allows APN to offer popular aviation payment methods like AVCARD®, a staple for most flight departments, as well as VISA, MC, American Express and other bankcards. In all, an FBO’s parts desk or maintenance division will be able to use AVCARD on the Aero Parts Now Platform for repairs, retables, AOG events and inventory.

About AVCARD: As the world’s leading business aviation retail charge card, AVCARD is accepted at more than 7,500 aviation merchant locations, including FBOs, MRO’s and a growing list of other aviation merchants.  AVCARD can be used for retail fuel, ground services, flight department expenses, maintenance, aircraft parts and much more. AVCARD is the preferred payment option on the Aero Parts Now platform. 

About TreviPay:

TreviPay specializes in providing customized technology solutions for the transportation and logistics industries. It also offers closed-loop payment networks to commercial and government clientele and features a full suite of aviation management software products used globally. A wholly-owned subsidiary of World Fuel Services, TreviPay is based in Overland Park, KS with offices in The Netherlands, Australia and Mexico.

About AeroParts Now:

“Reimaging every part™.” Birmingham, Mich.-based AeroParts Now—an online marketplace for aviation parts, equipment and supplies—is the first end-to-end platform to connect aviation industry stakeholders with all the digital tools required to transact, providing marketplace users increased transparency, process efficiencies and a superior user experience.  The company was founded in 2016 by seasoned aviation and technology experts who have a passion for solving some of the most vexing problems facing modern aircraft parts procurement professionals, including price discovery, data quality, availability, exchange parts, repairs and payments.

With AeroParts Now, buyers have access to a real-time learning catalog within a transparent, trusted environment, enabling a superior process from research to intelligent sourcing, to payments and fulfillment. Sellers can easily integrate with third-party inventory, and with parts catalog software and data, while taking advantage of a dynamic listing capability with real-time market visibility. Repair stations can receive automated repair order generation and intelligent repair workflow with proactive notifications and alerts.  For more information, visit:

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