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Download: Driving Loyalty Through B2B Marketplace Payments

The future of B2B payments could be nearly indistinguishable from an Amazon-like B2C transaction, and technology has put us on the cusp of realizing it. 

The number of B2B marketplaces are on the rise, and to stand out from the competition, they must offer better tools to attract and retain both buyers and sellers. With more than $1 billion in digital B2B sales now being done annually, the opportunity is too great to ignore. 

In our “Navigating the B2B Marketplaces Payment Ecosystem” white paper, we’ve compiled the combined knowledge of TreviPay’s eCommerce and marketplace experts into a roadmap of the modern marketplace payments experience. Buyers, sellers and marketplace proprietors have the opportunity to learn about trends in B2B selling, understand the complexities of a B2B purchase and learn more about how TreviPay can help sellers get paid faster while offering familiar payment terms to their customers. 

Within the marketplace white paper, we cover: 

  • Payment advances in the B2B marketplace. An overview of today’s B2B marketplace, and how major eCommerce players like Alibaba and Amazon have been reshaping payments to look more like a B2C purchase. We also examine the niche and custom marketplaces making a reemergence and meeting nearly every unique buyer demand. 
  • The complexities of a B2B purchase: Despite payment technology advancements in recent years, the B2B purchase remains complex. We deconstruct the challenges and pain points that remain, and identify opportunities for sellers and marketplaces to improve to better meet buyer expectations. 
  • Building better payments for B2B marketplaces: Even modern marketplace transactions are daunting to navigate for accounts receivable (A/R) teams. Extending credit, offering terms, onboarding new accounts and collecting past due invoices is time consuming and complex. But with TreviPay technology like InvoiceMe, this burden is taken off the A/R function. 

Our TreviPay solution offers immediate improvement to the purchasing experience for buyers, sellers and marketplaces. The future of B2B payments gets sellers paid faster, keeps buyers on invoice terms and allows A/R teams to relinquish the burdensome tasks of vetting, onboarding and maintenance of accounts. Are you ready to be a part of the revolution? Download our Navigating the B2B Marketplaces Ecosystem white paper to learn more.

Download the White Paper to Learn About the Future of Payments