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Credit Cards Don’t Drive Loyalty in B2B

woman holding phone and card

Don’t let high credit card transaction fees reduce profitability and deter loyalty. There is a better way.

TreviPay allows you to offer flexible, branded credit lines to your customers, freeing up working capital and accelerating cash flow. With TreviPay, it’s easy for your customers to pay for online purchases on Net 30 terms at transaction fees 30% less than credit cards.  Leading B2B brands have noticed a dramatic growth; in fact a retail customer recently found a 174% increase in YoY growth.

This means you can use TreviPay to approve customers for credit (under your brand) in less than 30 seconds. You receive guaranteed payment from us in as little as 48 hours, and we own the receivable.

The benefits don’t end with lower transaction fees. TreviPay also reduces A/R costs by cutting down on billing errors and simplifying underwriting.  

Download our tip sheet to learn how why credit cards don’t drive loyalty.