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Adobe Webinar Series: Selling Online for the First Time, B2B or B2C

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Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce is booming, and within the current climate, businesses are embarking on grand scale digital transformation like never before.

Listen in to hear  Michael Wilton, Head of eCommerce at Webqem; Frank Nesci, Co-Founder and Director at Comestri , Mira Mikosic, VP Marketing & Partnerships, Accor Plus Asia Pacific and Brandon Spear, President at TreviPay discuss how to digitally transform a business and selling online for the first time.

Key takeaways:

  • Best practice planning for eCommerce projects; who needs to be in the room & what to expect.
  • System integrations; what it is, why you need it and the key elements for success.
  • B2B payment considerations to optimize the customer experience and improve sales.

The 4 part Webinar Series – Succeeding in B2B Commerce which is will educate and enable you with the steps needed to digitally transform your business. This webinar series is extremely educational and provides practical tips that can be implemented straight away.