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Great seeing you at iMedia B2B eCommerce Summit!

Enjoy your complimentary copy of our latest eBook, “Harnessing Technology to Propel Your Payments Strategy” to learn how to leverage payments technology to meet the needs of buyers and grow market share.

In addition, you will discover insights on:

  • Check What to look for in a payments solution to serve your biggest buyers
  • Check How to modernize checkout methods to offer options B2B buyers want and expect
  • Check Ways to simplify B2B purchasing experiences for buyers, while managing the complex tech stack required to process transactions.
P gorman

About Piers Gorman

Managing Director of APAC, TreviPay

Piers serves as Managing Director of APAC with responsibility for building TreviPay’s business in the region. Prior to his role with TreviPay, Piers was Vice President Business Development Africa for World Fuel Services with responsibility for identifying and enabling opportunities for all World Fuel business lines in Africa with a particularly focus on M&A, military, United Nations and mining sectors.

He also has experience as Managing Director of Ultra Dascam, a defense consulting business. As one of the founders of Dascam, he led them through their acquisition by Ultra Electronics, a UK-listed defense manufacturer. Piers’ initial experience was as an officer in the Light Infantry, an infantry regiment in the British Army. He served in the UK, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Sierra Leone.

Piers received his education at Durham University and the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

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