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2022 Manufacturing eCommerce Trends Hint at Highly Evolved Tech Stack 

2022 Manufacturing eCommerce Trends blog image

TreviPay participated “The Manufacturer’s Tech Stack” hosted by Digital Commerce 360. If you didn’t have the opportunity to watch live, here is the recap:  

As disruption continues to alter the B2B landscape, manufacturers are having to make rapid adjustments to support an up-to-date digital experience. This will mean support for channels, channel partners and the end B2B customer. And it will mean employing the tools necessary to deliver this experience to all stakeholders. 

Keeping an Eye on Manufacturing eCommerce Trends 

Manufacturing trends are being driven by the digital consumer. Just what are they driving toward exactly? That is the question answered by this latest webinar.   

Mark Brohan, VP, B2B and Market Research Development for Digital Commerce 360 remarked during the interview, “two-thirds of the manufacturers we talk to from our recent surveys said ‘All in what’s your top technology decision? What’s gonna drive your technology decision making this year?’ By far and wide it was the platform.”  

The Evolving Digital Platform 

Platforms aren’t just for driving e-commerce sites any longer, what it has become is the spoke of a manufacturer’s digital technology. Weaving in a multitude of digital touchpoints to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry takes an end-to-end approach at tackling the customer journey.  

Our key takeaway: eCommerce is a wonderful channel, that lets you be a local manufacturer and distribute globally, effectively, but it creates other challenges to deal with as you find and uncover customers in new parts of the world. 

For the complete picture, watch the webinar to learn how today’s manufacturer can gain better insight into: 

  • Results from the DC360 2021 Manufacturers report and what it says for 2022 
  • The landscape for channel partners, what it means and how it impacts today’s manufacturer 
  • How channel strategy affects the overall technology stack for manufacturers 
  • A live discussion from other B2B manufacturers who are actively employing technology to support the overall process 

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