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Automate Accounts Receivable Processes with TreviPay’s SBSN

Small Business Supplier Network platform UI

TreviPay took a bite out of the Big Apple at this year’s Finovate Fall conference. Rissi Lovern and Max Almerico took to the stage to demo how the Small Business Supplier Network (SBSN) – the industry’s first payments network built for banks and their small business customers.  

Small businesses extend $5 trillion in B2B trade credit annually, which often means those small businesses end up financing their customers’ purchases instead of being able to invest in the growth of their business. The SBSN lets small businesses offer payment terms to business customers but eliminates account receivable burdens associated with nonpayment and collections.  

By accessing the SBSN through their banks, small businesses can offer their customers the payment terms they want, while ensuring guaranteed payment in as little as three days – no more waiting months for payments to roll in.  

At Finovate, the team demonstrated how the SBSN provides the selling power suppliers need to grow with real-time, risk-free invoice payments. Watch the demo to see how the SBSN works.  

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