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Boost B2B eCommerce with the 5th P of Marketing

Man with coffee and woman having a meeting on TreviPay's payment solutions

The 4 Ps of marketing—product, price, place, and promotion—are no longer enough to win B2B customer loyalty. Today’s digital-first buyers expect to transact seamlessly on their terms with their preferred payment methods. If businesses want to meet these evolving customer expectations and get ahead of the competition, they must prioritize the 5th P of marketing: Payments.

Watch this webinar hosted by Practical Ecommerce to learn:

  • Check What B2B companies can learn from the B2C payments experience.
  • Check The payment options that B2B buyers want. Hint: You need a credit card alternative. 
  • Check How to save money and grow customer loyalty with A/R automation.
  • Check Solutions to help you drive sales without fear of fraud.
  • Check The benefits of building or joining an existing global network of buyers and sellers to optimize trade and loyalty.

Watch the Recording

A successful 5th P strategy takes effort, but the payoff can lead to stronger conversion rates, higher AOV, increased customer LTV and deeper loyalty. This webinar outlines everything you need to know to modernize your business’s payments strategy and avoid common hurdles along the way.

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