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Enhancing the B2B eCommerce Purchasing Experience

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B2B buyers have demands just like their B2C consumer counterparts. They want an eCommerce experience that reflects the way they shop for products and services as consumers. In fact, more than 80% of B2B buyers surveyed said their personal buying experiences impact their expectations for business purchases.  

For sellers to be competitive in today’s landscape, it’s imperative to focus what buyers need in order to quickly and seamlessly find the product or service and checkout. And, since only 7% of corporate buyers rate the eCommerce sites they use as excellent, there’s quite a bit of room for improvement.  

To start, sellers should asses the buyer’s journey and ensure their online experience is the same as their in-store and over the phone experiences. The purchasing experience across all channels needs to remain consistent and flexible. By developing an omni-channel purchasing, improve conversion and increase profit. 

develop an omnichannel experience

In addition to creating an omni-channel experience, sellers should also think about the payment methods offered to buyers. It might seem like credit cards are the path to least resistance, but credit cards do more harm than good, and cost more than you think. When recently surveyed, 76% of B2B buyers cited encountering issues that have prevented them for completing an online purchase with a credit card.  

Create a better eCommerce experience that’s outfitted for B2B buyers by extending terms at checkout. Doing so gives buyers the omni-channel experience they crave and sellers the opportunity to move more product.  

TreviPay® from TreviPay is the credit management solution sellers can leverage to take operations to the next level. Through InvoiceMe, a tool within the TreviPay solution, sellers can offer alternative payment methods at checkout. InvoiceMe seamlessly integrates into an eCommerce site and allows buyers to set up an account and get automated credit decisions on up to $250,000, all in under 30 seconds.  Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo today! 

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