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Get Balance with TreviPay

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Balance Payments’ Needs of Buyers with Organizational Goals  

At their most basic level, B2B payments are simple—businesses acquire payments from other businesses in exchange for services or goods. If this definition seems misleading, it’s because it doesn’t take into account the myriad of decisions a business needs to take to ensure they are offering the right B2B eCommerce payment methods for their target audience.  So, how does one get balance in B2B payments?

When you balance payments’ needs of buyers (payment on terms, POs, contract pricing) with your own business processes, you will not only exceed your buyers’ expectations, but will outpace organizational goals for growth.  

If your current B2B payments processes are falling short with buyers due to confusing invoicing, a lack of available payment methods or cumbersome onboarding, an embedded payments strategy might be the answer. 

Here are a few ways TreviPay’s embedded payments offering helps you balance payments’ needs of buyers while benefitting your business:  

  • TreviPay provides a dedicated credit line to a qualified business in under 30 seconds while simultaneously evaluating fraud and other risks. TreviPay owns the receivable, so your business can free up working capital and focus on innovation. 
  • With electronic invoicing and payments built into one platform, sellers will no longer have to send an invoice, collect on that invoice, or worry about chasing bad debt. 
  • When clients trust us with something as valuable as their business, we have an obligation to provide the latest technology and a human touch. It’s why there’s always a Customer Success Manager and team available to work alongside you. 

The B2B eCommerce Payment Methods Your Buyers Prefer 

Offering payment terms on your eCommerce site is critical to a successful omni-channel sales strategy, now more than ever. Afterall, balanced payments offerings must meet the invoicing and AP needs of buyers to win their loyalty.  

Credit cards simply can’t accommodate the large purchases B2B buyers are now comfortable making online. If cards are the only way online purchases are processed for your business today, an embedded payments strategy is critical. 

While it’s clear buyers are making a lot of demands, it isn’t just buyers with purchasing power who reap the rewards of balanced payments programs.  Organizations that can successfully deploy robust eCommerce payments methods:  

  • Meet and exceed buyer expectations by optimizing their online experience 
  • Boost their online conversions 
  • Improve margins and increase AOV  

Get Balance on Your B2B Payments Platform with TreviPay 

Buyers and sellers alike get balance in B2B payments with solutions designed to serve all parties involved. TreviPay’s embedded payments offering takes digital transformation to the next level on everything from onboarding, underwriting, transacting, receiving settlement, and producing an invoice that your customers can easily consume and pay. The whole process is simple, increases customer loyalty and repurposes capital instead of tying it up.  

We like to think of it as B2B commerce, simplified.  

Interested in how TreviPay can help your organization get balance in B2B payments? Schedule a personalized walkthrough here.   

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