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Make In-Store Payments Easier and More Secure with the TreviPay B2B Mobile App

TreviPay mobile app being used at store counter

B2B eCommerce is even easier with the TreviPay B2B mobile app. Now, merchants can grant “buy now, pay later” access with a seamless mobile app experience in retail stores.

Responding to the growing expectation of B2B buyers to replicate a B2C-like checkout, the TreviPay mobile app brings ease, simplicity and security to in-store checkout for B2B purchases.

When a buyer gets to the register, they no longer need a merchant credit card to access their credit for that merchant. The mobile app houses all the information, with initial two-factor authentication and biometric login option to keep access secure.

Once the buyer opens the app and initiates a purchase, a bar code appears, the merchant scans it, the buyer confirms the purchase with one tap and the transaction is done.

In addition, invoices and available credit is available within the app so buyers know the status of all purchases.

In today’s market, speed and convenience with B2B payments is critical to maintaining B2B customer loyalty. Check out the demo below for how the TreviPay mobile app can give you a competitive advantage while increasing customer loyalty and a secure in-store checkout. 

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