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Optimize Your B2B Payment System to Seal the Deal

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Forrester Study: “Optimize Your B2B Payment System to Seal the Deal” Showcases the Many Benefits of Payment Modernization

Forrester Consulting conducted a survey 200 global payment decision-makers commissioned by TreviPay, results showed over 90% of respondents expect enhancing payment options for B2B customers will improve customer satisfaction, speed up transactions, free up internal resources an increase business success. The survey also confirmed key components to overcoming challenges with payments systems as part of the digital transformation of B2B payments is a focus on speed, security and privacy. 

The survey data has been compiled in a Forrester Opportunity Snapshot that outlines the challenges and opportunities organizations face as they prioritize payment modernization as part of an ongoing digital transformation. The snapshot charts the most urgent B2B payment concerns of the last couple of years and how it varies in a post-pandemic present and future.  

 *Source: Optimize Your Payment Systems to Seal the Deal: A Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot Custom Study Commissioned by TreviPay, June 2021 

Payment Challenges Result in Extensive Business Consequences 

While companies understand the impact that poor payment experiences leads to loss of sales opportunities and revenue, simplifying the buyer experience remains a challenge many organizations still are working at overcoming. But becoming aware proven solutions exist to enhance systems is a catalyst to prioritize finance system improvements and update antiquated systems and processes.  

Learn More About the State of Payment Innovation  

Download Forrester Study: “Optimize Your Payment System to Seal the Deal”, “Optimize your Payment System to Seal the Deal” to review all the survey findings and details and the case for continued B2B payments innovation.

Watch the on-demand recording of “Optimize Your Payment System” webinar anytime where TreviPay CEO Brandon Spear and guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Lily Varon do a deep dive into the research.

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