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AFP 2022

AFP 2022

AFP 2022 is the perfect experience curated for the modern-day treasury and finance leader.

Stop by Booth 1612 to visit with the TreviPay team to learn more about how the payments and invoicing network can help you outsource manual and cumbersome A/R processes allowing you to reduce costs and focus resources on growing your business.

You have two opportunities to hear from TreviPay’s CFO, Joel Campbell during AFP.

October 24 – 2-3p – Treasury Under Private Equity: What’s Different?

For companies either recently acquired by Private Equity or have been for a while, the unique challenges of operating Treasury with a financial parent can be opportunities for growth and rewarding at the same time. Managing through bank relationships, Capital markets, and back-office operations has its own set of unique circumstances as well as staffing needs? Not all PE firms manage their portfolio companies the same way, but the end game has the same approach for many. Attend this panel of Senior Treasury Professionals as they discuss their journey under PE ownership and learn about the different approaches to managing Treasury Departments.

October 25 – 1:45p – 3 – Achieving Career Success Through Effective Networking and a Strong Personal Brand

As treasury and finance professionals you spend your lives safeguarding and investing your company’s money, but are you doing the same for you and your career? The ability to network effectively while building a strong personal brand are key assets when building your treasury career. To network successfully you need to ditch the scatter gun ‘spray and pray’ approach and prioritize quality over quantity. In this session a global treasury recruiter who has advised corporate treasury professionals on how to advance their careers shares key strategies for effective networking and creating an effective career plan, or if you already have one, how it can be improved.

Let’s Connect at AFP!

We’d love to chat with you while at AFP. Set up a meeting here or you can connect with our TreviPay team on LinkedIn: Amber Conway, Jim Salerno, Brandon Hinojo and Joel Campbell.

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