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Digital Commerce 360 Event: Breaking the Barriers to Ecommerce Success

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Breaking the Barriers to B2B Ecommerce Success is the first of three B2B events premiering in 2021.

In this live-streamed research event, the brightest minds in B2B digital commerce will address the tough eCommerce problems facing manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors today and present solutions to help solve key issues. As businesses ramp up for even more digital commerce, spurred by changes in buyer behavior due to the pandemic, they seek answers to an array of challenges. Among them: finding new growth opportunities online in a post-pandemic world, building and executing an eCommerce strategy and technology infrastructure that gives demanding business buyers the online user experience they desire, and overcoming internal obstacles standing in the way of success online. 

Thursday, June 17th 10:00 AM-2:00 PM  (CST)

The Bonanza in B2B Marketplaces

B2B marketplaces are coming of age and are now a permanent fixture in one’s ecommerce ecosystem. Today there are more than 100 marketplaces serving B2B markets ranging from healthcare and automotive to aerospace and chemicals. And more are on the way. This discussion looks at the rise of B2B marketplaces and how these new marketplaces are resonating with digital buyers and sellers.

  • Exclusive Research: B2B digital market growth for 2021 and how key sectors will grow in the next 12 months.​
  • Which ecommerce applications, features, and services digital buyers want most—and how B2B sellers can successfully meet and exceed their expectations.​
  • Highlights from Digital Commerce 360 B2B Sellers series including projected growth, investment strategies, platform changes and more. 

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