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Webinar: Driving Loyalty Through Payments: How Smart B2B Companies Drive Sales Through a 5-Star Buying Experience

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The Amazon Effect has changed the expectations of B2B buyers, who now expect their B2B transactions to mirror their B2C experiences — not just online, but everywhere they buy. In fact, nearly 70% of customers prefer to spend money with omni-channel sellers. This is good news for suppliers, because omni-channel customers are 15% more profitable than online-only shoppers and 25% more profitable than call-in or in-store-only customers. To realize the most value from these buyers, sellers need a 360 degree view of their purchasing behavior, regardless of where they buy. There is a $1.2 trillion opportunity in B2B eCommerce, so getting it right matters.

Today, 50% of B2B companies sell online, but that number is expected to jump to 70% in the next two years. Often, the stage that makes or breaks 5-star customer experiences online is checkout, where sellers are misaligned with the purchase controls and preferences of buyers. Whether you have an eCommerce site, or are in the process of implementing one, now is the time to make adjustments to maximize sales.

How can leading B2B companies develop winning omni-channel strategies and align payments with the needs of buyers? This webinar is here to help.

Key Takeaways:

  • Match your omni-channel payments strategy with your omni-channel sales strategy
  • Align with customer expectations; offer payment by invoice, purchase controls, dynamic pricing and instant onboarding
  • Execute an effective eCommerce strategy to start selling online

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