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MAG’s Annual Conference and Tech Forum

MAG TreviPay 2022

TreviPay is attending MAG’s Annual Conference and Tech Forum, September 18-21, in Dallas, TX.

The event will present industry-leading speakers who will focus on the latest payments-industry trends and discuss the future of omnichannel. 

Stop by TreviPay’s booth to learn how to elevate your B2B eCommerce with net terms by removing friction to boost online conversions.

We created a payment process for our clients that takes digital transformation to the next level on everything from onboarding, underwriting, acquiring the transaction, receiving settlement, and producing an invoice that their customers can easily consume and pay. The whole process is simple, increases their customer’s loyalty and repurposes capital instead of tying it up.

We’re here to show you why TreviPay is the Global B2B Payments & Invoicing Network for B2B.

On Tuesday, September 20 TreviPay’s Martha Salinas will be joined by MAG Board Member Dee O’Malley and Joe Vasterling from Best Buy to discuss, “Finding B2B Business Buyers Hidden in Your B2C Checkout.” This fast-paced session will uncover opportunities for B2C retailers who offer alternative payment methods and how to capture a larger sales pool through current and future B2B buyers. You won’t want to miss it!

Let’s Connect at the Event

If you’d like to set up a time to chat while we’re at MAG’s Annual Conference & Tech Forum, set up a meeting here. Or, you can connect with our TreviPay team on LinkedIn: Jon Loveless, Christy Stoffer, Brandon Hinojo and John Jakobe

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