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TreviPay (MSTS) Featured in Forrester’s New Tech Report

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Forrester published a report for B2B marketplaces.

New Tech: Marketplace Development Platforms and Tools, Q4 2020

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic accelerated digital purchasing around the world. Operational leaders are seeking ways to evangelize the various digital channels and marketplaces have risen to the occasion as a natural fit for many B2B organizations.

“Marketplace development tools and platforms are not just revolutionizing the way buyers and sellers transact. They are also creating new add-on opportunities for software-as-a-service providers and upside for service providers looking to expand their commerce portfolio.”

Marketplaces however pose a few challenges. They require a new set of platforms and tools.

Organizational leaders are looking to B2B partnerships to fill the gap.

Forrester recently released New Tech: Marketplace Development Platforms and Tools, Q4 2020 to report outline emerging vendors suited to streamline the marketplace channel, mentioning TreviPay (formerly MSTS’ Credit as a Service).

In the report, you’ll learn:

  • How marketplace operators can create first-class experiences on a budget, at scale
  • Which tools are needed to stand out on the digital shelf
  • The B2B partnerships making complex payments simple

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