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Why Companies Choose TreviPay

TreviPay clients from diverse sectors across the globe grow revenue and reduce friction for their B2B customers. They are meeting the sophisticated needs of corporates and successfully retaining nearly 90% of their active buyers.

Go Direct to Customers

When your go-to-market strategy changes and you are now selling directly to B2B customers, experience the benefits of enhanced margins and customer loyalty without taking on the risk and expense of offering trade credit to thousands of business buyers.

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Why Lenovo Chose TreviPay

Without the need to take on any risk or find working capital, Lenovo was able to sell more through the Private Network. The company increased the Average Order Value by 114% on its B2B store after enabling TreviPay’s checkout solution.

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Why uShip Chose TreviPay

Within just 10 months of implementing the TreviPay solution, online marketplace platform uShip, saw month-over-month spending per account increase by a staggering 450%. Onboarding new customers and managing business account credit lines became business as usual, with clients quickly adopting real-time invoicing and payments on net terms.

Scale an Existing B2B Business

You want to sell more to more business customers, but it is fraught with complexity. Your customers are demanding trade credit, invoices, purchase controls and bespoke pricing. You will need to build out an A/R team to manage the process or find an alternative.

Leverage TreviPay to meet buyer demands, reduce dependence on credit cards and optimize the order-to-cash process while reducing risks and costs.

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“B2B buyers demand payment terms because of large repeat purchases; credit cards simply aren’t practical. uShip originated as a consumer-focused business and needed to adapt to B2B. We selected TreviPay as a trusted partner to help us adapt.”

Chris Neeley
Controller, uShip

Reduce Back-Office Costs: Automating Invoicing & Credit Management

Buyers of all sizes are increasingly requiring purchase controls, support for decentralized or centralized trade credit lines and complex billing hierarchies, in addition to PO/invoice upload portals or direct EDI integration.

Your A/R team can’t keep up with the demands. TreviPay has experience with these challenges.

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Why Choice Hotels Chose TreviPay

One of the world’s largest lodging franchisors, Choice Hotels, consolidated and automated its invoicing on the Private Network, drastically reducing billing errors and friction in their clients’ Accounts Payable workflow. It also facilitated their transition from reliance on personal credit cards for expense claims, adding value for the client … and their employees.

“TreviPay’s direct billing solution was simple and fast to integrate and allows us to better serve our corporate clients while also protecting our franchisees from the risk of extending credit.”

Abhijit Patel
Vice President Marketing & Distribution Strategy & Operations, Choice Hotels

Why Tazapay Chose TreviPay

Digital escrow service provider Tazapay was better able to compete for clients with extended payment terms. With a choice of settlement timeframes, Tazapay selected the specific date to receive funds every month. DSO was eliminated, no matter when its clients paid their invoices.

Eliminate Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Meeting the trade credit demands of business buyers while avoiding the risk, overhead and capital requirements of traditional accounts receivable can be tough to balance. Read how TreviPay has helped its clients solve this challenge through its flexible settlement options in as little as 48 hours.

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Add Payments & Invoicing to a Marketplace

Credit cards are not always the best payment option for your marketplace business customers. In fact, 74% of buyers will buy more when given the option to pay by invoice with net terms. Capture B2B transactional volume on your marketplace platform by offering TreviPay as a payment method.

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Why b2buy Chose TreviPay

Offering payment on terms was essential to the value proposition of b2buy, the Australian corporate procurement platform. B2buy chose TreviPay as part of its ‘buy not build’ technology strategy to avoid the complexities and resource requirements associated with implementing an in-house credit program.

Why this Automotive OEM Chose TreviPay

An expensive and stagnating in-house credit program prompted an OEM in the automotive industry to implement a TreviPay network. Thanks to TreviPay, the client was able to reduce billing errors and costs without taking on the burden of regional compliance or collections. Today, the program accepts five currencies in over 20 countries globally.

Enter New Geographies

Leverage TreviPay to access customers across the globe with VAT-compliant invoicing in local languages and preferred currency payment acceptance. In addition to the latest regional requirements for compliance, you’ll be covered with KYC/KYB and AML in new markets.

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Get Ready to be Wowed!

See how building your own TreviPay payments and invoicing network can help accelerate your business goals.